Sashi Edupuganti


Sashi Edupuganti

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Why do we need a new way of doing business?

We as humans come and go with NOTHING, to help make this brief journey meaningful and have a purpose not limited to survival we have created various organizational constructs that are societal in nature. When we find that meaning and purpose everything is effortless and joy not only to you but to everybody around you. Finding that meaning and purpose requires a conscious effort especially in this day of hyper-connectivity, instant gratification and accelerated pace towards trivial things.

Business is one of those organizational constructs, as it stands today it is caught up in the vicious cycle of servicing extrinsic drivers without connecting to the intrinsic needs of the individual and the society causing tremendous strain on individuals and society as a whole. A continued strain will move our path forward from evolution to revolution at a societal level with dire consequences. Bringing consciousness back to business can help us move forward together with joy (at a minimum reducing the strain).

Give us an idea of how have you helped make the world a better place?

Through our latest venture, we are building a more equitable data economy for all. The ubiquitous nature of the solution we are building will not only bring privacy back to individuals but change the livelihood of millions across the world. It is an equalizer to an asymmetric information age where digital decency and ethical business use are built at a foundational level.

All through my life, I have lived by 3 core principles “Be good, Be Present and Be Future-ready”, it has not only helped me be successful but also live a life of content. I have hired 1000’s of people many of them have gone onto become successful leaders in their own right, we all believe that you can be wildly successful and good at the same time.

What does Conscious capitalism mean to you?

It is going back to the roots of our society, it is a means, a mechanism, a tribe that believes the fruits of our future are only as good as the strength of the roots.