The Curious Capitalist


The Curious Capitalist is a series of podcasts where we take the opportunity to not only speak to Board Members from the Conscious Capitalism Connecticut Chapter, but also local business owners, startups and entrepreneurs from across the state of Connecticut.

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Episode 18On this edition, we chat with Dave Hammer from ICA
The Curious Capitalist – Jennifer Cullen (Vineyard Wind)
Episode 17 On this edition, we chat with Jennifer Cullen from Vineyard Wind.
The Curious Capitalist – Joe Kenner (Greyston Bakery)
Episode 16 On this edition, we chat with Joe Kenner the CEO and President of Greyston Bakery about their ridiculously yummy baked goods, the relationship...
The Curious Capitalist – Ricky Evans
Episode 15 On this edition, we chat with Ricky Evans from Ricky D’s Rib Shack in New Haven Connecticut.