The Curious Capitalist


The Curious Capitalist is a series of podcasts where we take the opportunity to not only speak to Board Members from the Conscious Capitalism Connecticut Chapter, but also local business owners, startups and entrepreneurs from across the state of Connecticut.

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The Curious Capitalist – Shawn Nelson (Lovesac)
Episode 22In this episode we speak with Shawn Nelson of Lovesac and talk about that time he won a $1,000,000 investment on Richard Branson’s entrepreneur...
The Curious Capitalist - Paul Murphy
Episode 21 On this edition, we chat with Paul Murphy about his passion for lean manufacturing and plans for the future. Home
The Curious Capitalist – Lynne Stoddard (Sustainable CT)
Episode 20 On this edition, we chat with Lynne Stoddard from Sustainable CT.
The Curious Capitalist – Andy Posner (Capital Good Fund)
Episode 19 On this edition, we chat with Andy Posner from the Capital Good Fund.