The Curious Capitalist – Eric Francis (Trifecta Ecosystems)

Episode 6

On this episode we speak to Eric Francis who is a first-generation farmer and passionate about changing our local food ecosystems, one conversation, one salad, and one step at a time.

The Curious Capitalist – Sarah Bodley (reSET)

Episode 5

Get ready to reSET as we speak to Sarah Bodley from the Hartford based social enterprise trust.

The Curious Capitalist – Jennifer Smithberger (Seedership)

Episode 4

On this episode, our host Claire Edwards speaks to Jennifer Smithberger about the creation of Seedership.

The Curious Capitalist – Glen McDermott (Red Rock Branding)

Episode 3

On this episode we speak to Glen McDermott about Conscious Capitalism and Red Rock Branding in Connecticut.

The Curious Capitalist – Gavin Watson (Watson Inc)

Episode 2

Gavin Watson describes what it takes to be a conscious manufacturer.

The Curious Capitalist – Larry Bingaman (Regional Water Authority)

Episode 1

Claire Edwards speaks to the current Chair of the Connecticut Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and President and CEO of the Regional Water Authority.