Michelle Ouimette


Michelle Ouimette

Board Member

Why do we need a new way of doing business?

CT is a small, charming state; thus our communities, our economy, and our social issues are highly interconnected, not just with each other but with other New England states, and beyond.  Advances in trade, technology and communications have fostered growth and deep linkages. However, this growth at times has been exploitative and negatively impacted our neighbors, our environment, and our sense of security.  What happens in CT business has ripple effects globally and vice versa. We need a new way of doing business that is not exploitative, winner cannot take all! A new way of doing business emboldens businesses to serve as leaders and role models in their local communities; these businesses engage their employees and stakeholders around a vision and a purpose, not just functional operations and profits making.  Conscious Capitalism offers many local and immediate impacts with a ripple effect that can truly make our world a better place.

Give us an idea of how have you helped make the world a better place?

I have been in the nonprofit sector for nearly 20 years. Most of my work has focused on helping marginalized youth populations discover who they are, finish school, find employment, and create an adult life that is authentic, and offers possibilities for their future. While the work has been both difficult and rewarding, I made the greatest impact as the Managing Director of Roses for Autism. In this capacity, I led an organization that helped individuals get jobs, I advocated and spread autism awareness, I delighted our customers with our beautiful, locally grown flowers, I educated small children at our sensory garden, and I inspired a national community of supporters who became very invested in our business and our mission!

What does Conscious capitalism mean to you?

Conscious Capitalism represents a synergy of an organization’s values, vision, and business strategy all of which meets the needs of its key stakeholders and serves a positive social purpose.  It is through inspired leadership, a smart business model, and a robust company culture that an organization can achieve desired financial results and real impact. Conscious Capitalism is not magical or idealistic…it is the future.