Kristia Janowski


Kristia Janowski

Board Member

Why do we need a new way of doing business?

Over the last 150 years, we have seen unprecedented advancement and development driven by traditional capitalism. While this way of doing business has to lead to astonishing life-changing advancements and discoveries too often it has come at a high human and environmental cost, leaving millions trapped in modern slavery or extreme poverty and a bleak outlook for the future of our planet. We have seen the amazing potential of capitalism from self-driving cars and artificial heart valves, to computers that fit in the palm of our hands. Now we must meet that potential with that of our humanity’s finding ways to reach new heights in ways that are just, equitable, and environmentally sound.

Give us an idea of how have you helped make the world a better place?

As an environmental and sustainability educator, I have spent the last 20+ years educating and inspiring youth to become leaders, stewards, and advocates for a brighter and sustainable future. As the Co-Lead for the International Society of Sustainability Professionals New York City Chapter I facilitate professional development opportunities in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

What does Conscious capitalism mean to you?

Conscious Capitalism is doing business in service of, centered around, and driven by a higher purpose. It is a philosophy that approaches every interaction intentionally and with integrity, respect, and compassion for all stakeholders including the planet.