Jesse Imse


Jesse Imse

Board Member

Why do we need a new way of doing business?

Our current economic system has created decades of innovation from landing on the moon to creating super computers that we can put in our pockets. However, within this system we have come to an inflection point. Our economic and political system of capitalism has fetishized unlimited wealth to a point where we have ignored peoples’ needs. This has led to the largest income disparities we’ve seen in our history, has furthered inequalities in opportunity, and has led us to down the path of environmental destruction. Our societal structures cannot sustain this way of doing business.

Why should we care? Simply put: We all do better, when we all do better. Our economy does better when everyone can participate. Whether you are a business or an individual, focusing on people-centered solutions, leading with purpose, and self-awareness about the impacts of decisions on all stakeholders involved will be the impetus for success.

Give us an idea of how have you helped make the world a better place?

I currently serve as a Marketing Communications and Brand Management Consultant within Fortune 500, AECOM’s Design and Consulting Services group. I help lead all things marketing communications and brand management for my team’s main client, the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Projects focus on working with individuals and businesses to promote sustainable transportation and provide resources for equitable economic participation in Connecticut. I am proud to also hold the position of Adjunct Professor at the University of Hartford where I teach undergraduate coursework that focuses on wide-ranging topics such as public speaking, branding, and strategic communications.

As a passionate change agent within my community and Connecticut as a whole, I have twice been elected to serve on the Executive Board for Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (HYPE), an initiative of the MetroHartford Alliance. HYPE is the largest young professional organization in the country, with a membership base of over 4,000 members. HYPE’s mission is to help young professionals become better engaged in community life, expand professional and social opportunities, and become ambassadors for the Hartford Region and Connecticut.

Further, I regularly independently consult nonprofit organizations, business leaders, and other stakeholders to enhance collaborations across the community and aid in their marketing communications for their organizations.

What does Conscious capitalism mean to you?

The concept and action of Conscious Capitalism puts purpose at the heart of how we do business. It is a recognition of inequalities and a willingness to accept a better way of doing business. Fair and equal competition sparks innovation, and we have a responsibility to foster an equitable economic structure that considers all stakeholders involved.