Young Leaders

Introducing The Young Mentors Series:

Young people‚Äôs voices and perspectives shed valuable light on the future of work, business and the life of the planet. We all do well to make time in our regular schedules for deep listening to young conscious leaders, especially while making long-term decisions, plans and policies that may affect generations to come. As part of our commitment to Conscious Culture, the Connecticut Chapter of Conscious Capitalism will be gathering young leaders on a monthly basis to be our mentors for an hour of deep listening, Q&A and lively conversation. 

Young Conscious Leaders:

If you are a Young Conscious Leader, WELCOME!

We invite you to sign up to become a member of the Connecticut Chapter of Conscious Capitalism as a Young Conscious Leader. By doing so you will deepen your understanding of Conscious Capitalism principles while gaining access to a range of Chapter resources, including:

  • Monthly events that spotlight inspiring young leaders
  • Connections with like minded peers
  • Opportunities to gain value aligned experience – great for your resume  
  • Connections with conscious business leaders who may become future employers or mentors

Our Young Conscious Leaders include members age 30 and under.

Professional memberships are available here.


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