Marcia Winter
Success must include two things: the development of an individual to his or her utmost potential and a contribution of some kind to one’s world. – E. Roosevelt

Leader Impact Statement:

I believe in giving back to our communities – the core of our society that gives shelter to the homeless, provides childcare for families, and gives music to our schools – all to strengthen that solid foundation for our most important treasures – our youth. By working throughout communities I am able to identify necessary change and those individuals to whom no is not an answer, merely a rock to move out of the way. I cofounded the Milford Prevention Council – a collaborative private/public/government partnership that continues to work to train, teach and prevent substance abuse in our young people as part of a larger network. By working with this process and other community work, I have seen how people, when moved, can make change happen. Conscious Capitalism provides that process for communities – – as people work in their businesses and as they work in their communities, and as they combine the two, they are able to achieve healthy outcomes for all, that human journey that integrates our people and the world we create. When I surround myself with the best people and the best organizations something great can happen.