Ramon Peralta

Why do we need a new way of doing business?

Too often business decisions are based solely on the finances, not the people. We need to encourage businesses to use their powers for good. We also need to highlight those businesses so that the public can see that business can be a force for good and be profitable. These concepts should not be mutually exclusive.

Give us an idea of how have you helped make the world a better place?

At Peralta Design we have built a culture around the concept that we don’t work for someone, we work for some THING and that thing is greater than all of us. We do this on a daily basis by our active participation in non-profit organizations such as the Corporate Volunteer Council (CVC) a program of the Valley United Way on which I am a Board Member. Through the CVC, our company has provided Back-to-School clothes and school supplies and Christmas presents to needy families we have ‘adopted’ over the last 7 years. As a company, we set aside a percentage of our workload so we can barter our services with non-profits in exchange for in-kind sponsorships and partnerships. I personally am a Gold Seal Award winner, which is the highest honor given by the Greater Valley Chamber to business owners that exemplify community service. I want to lead by example and encourage my team to do so as well.

What does Conscious capitalism mean to you?

Conscious Capitalism simply means to conduct and encourage business in a way that helps others – while being profitable – I believe you can do both. We should leave our communities that we work AND live in better than we found them. That means not only taking care of our employees, but those that live there as well.