The Curious Capitalist – The Bolder Company

Episode 13

On this edition, we chat with Ellen and Jenny from the West Hartford based Bolder Company.

The Curious Capitalist – Aaron Dignan & Rodney Evans (The Ready)

Episode 12

On this episode, our host Claire Edwards chats with Aaron Dignan and Rodney Evans from The Ready.

The Curious Capitalist speaks to Lisa Gabor – Conscious Cannabis Event June 2020

Episode 11

On this episode Claire Edwards speaks to Lisa Gabor to learn more about her forthcoming Conscious Cannabis event.

The Curious Capitalist Podcast – Adam Lazar (Asarasi)

Episode 10

Our host Claire Edwards speaks to Adam Lazar from Asarasi about his incredible journey. Quench your thirst without without harming the planet by tapping water from maple trees!

The Curious Capitalist – Mark Argosh (SVP)

Episode 9

On this episode we speak to Mark Argosh from Social Venture Partners.

The Curious Capitalist – Allison Holzer (Inspire Corps)

Episode 8

Get ready to be inspired as Claire Edwards speaks to Allison Holzer from Inspire Corps.

The Curious Capitalist – Lee Cruz (CFGNH)

Episode 7

On this episode we speak to Lee Cruz from The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven.

The Curious Capitalist – Eric Francis (Trifecta Ecosystems)

Episode 6

On this episode we speak to Eric Francis who is a first-generation farmer and passionate about changing our local food ecosystems, one conversation, one salad, and one step at a time.

The Curious Capitalist – Sarah Bodley (reSET)

Episode 5

Get ready to reSET as we speak to Sarah Bodley from the Hartford based social enterprise trust.

The Curious Capitalist – Jennifer Smithberger (Seedership)

Episode 4

On this episode, our host Claire Edwards speaks to Jennifer Smithberger about the creation of Seedership.