The Young Mentors – Ariana Ivan

Young Mentors Episode 1

Meet Ariana Ivan, one of our Young Mentors as she talks about growing up in Romania, traveling the world, and her passion to save the world’s forests.

The Curious Capitalist – Sashi Edupuganti (ODE Holdings)

Episode 23

In this episode, we speak with Sashi Edupuganti, CEO of ODE Holdings and board member of Conscious Capitalism – Connecticut Chapter and talk about your digital freewill and living by his mantra of ‘Be good, Be present and Be future proof’.


The Curious Capitalist – Shawn Nelson (Lovesac)

Episode 22

In this episode we speak with Shawn Nelson of Lovesac and talk about that time he won a $1,000,000 investment on Richard Branson’s entrepreneur show The Rebel Billionaire, how his company have so far repurposed some 40 million plastic bottles and how Lovesac are determined to make your couch disaster stories a thing of the past!


The Curious Capitalist – Paul Murphy

Episode 21

On this edition, we chat with Paul Murphy about his passion for lean manufacturing and plans for the future.


The Curious Capitalist – Lynne Stoddard (Sustainable CT)

Episode 20 On this edition, we chat with Lynne Stoddard from Sustainable CT.

The Curious Capitalist – Andy Posner (Capital Good Fund)

Episode 19

On this edition, we chat with Andy Posner from the Capital Good Fund.

The Curious Capitalist – Dave Hammer (ICA Group)

Episode 18

On this edition, we chat with Dave Hammer from ICA Group.

The Curious Capitalist – Jennifer Cullen (Vineyard Wind)

Episode 17

On this edition, we chat with Jennifer Cullen from Vineyard Wind.

The Curious Capitalist – Joe Kenner (Greyston Bakery)

Episode 16

On this edition, we chat with Joe Kenner the CEO and President of Greyston Bakery about their ridiculously yummy baked goods, the relationship with Ben and Jerry’s, and their long-standing’ open hire’ policy.

The Curious Capitalist – Ricky Evans

Episode 15

On this edition, we chat with Ricky Evans from Ricky D’s Rib Shack in New Haven Connecticut.